Ma.Ni. Photo Studio specializes in documentary family photography. I will be your storyteller to depict your true life as it is, without taking out wrinkles or adding the sunset effect.

A single image can’t tell a story, to do it you need time, empathy and passion. Keep the memories of your family through my photographs.

I create photographs through empathy with people to tell their stories, and to show them the perfectness in what might seen an imperfect life. Don’t let the ordinary go unseen…

Family reportage photography documents your day to day stories. Stories born from everyday encounters, stories born from simple gestures, stories born from daily events. Your stories.


Lavinia, Ma.Ni. Photo Studio
…this is how I came to understand and love providing families a window into the magical and invisible world the kids built around them, an unforgettable image of the endless love their parents have for them and the family’s story written in the light and shadows of the pictures.