Hey there, I'm Lavinia.

I’m a photographer living in Modena, Italy, and here in this country I’m the representative for the DFP – the Documentary Family Photographers group. We’re a worldwide community of family photographers, and I joined them for a reason: families. Like yours. 

Let’s rewind a bit: I was born in Bucharest, Romania. There, I studied Economics at university, and photography in my father’s darkroom, where I would sneak in to watch film carefully transformed into prints.

I learned that observing is an action that is as engaging as it is discreet. It requires that little bit of distance encouraged by my cautious nature but limited by my enthusiasm. This gap allows me to tune into the lives of others without invading them and to focus on the details, putting the human puzzle together (oh, and I love solving puzzles: as a child I broke my mother’s earthenware pots to rebuild them!)

Sometimes I feel like a ghost writer. I write behind the scenes, using the light that passes through my lens and from the eyes of my favorite subjects: people. Families. As I shoot and try to make myself invisible, I discover the little things that make each family unique and awesome at the same time.

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