Meet Lavinia

I was born and raised in Bucarest (Romania) but moved to Italy after winning a scholarship to the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. For 3 years I wandered the university classrooms and the Venice canals, before fate intervened during Carnevale resulting in my move to Modena.  Who would have thought that the stranger who sat down before me to have his face painted would soon become my best friend, husband and travel companion.   Traveling is part of my DNA.  Simply put, I’m a tiny nomad who loves exploring and discovering the world around me.

Photography is also part of my DNA. I originally inheriting this passion from my father who  loved to lock himself in the darkroom for hours. Now I’m thinking that he was doing it to “escape” my mother, but no way he will ever admit that! My passion has been further fueled by my husband who is a professional photographer.  Much of our early relationship was spent in the darkroom and this is how I finally understand the quiet time my father was searching for. Today we both shoot digital, but I miss the darkroom with all its chemical solutions, the waiting time, the handmade dodge and burn and the excitement before you turned the lights back on. The thing I don’t miss is the weight of the rolls of film in our suitcases!

Today, Filippo continues to challenge me to look deeper through the lens and capture those real moments; not just a picture.  This is how I came to understand and love providing families a window into the magical and invisible world the kids built around them, an unforgettable image of the endless love their parents have for them and the family’s story written in the light and shadows of the pictures.

We don’t have kids of our own, for now, but we have each other, 2 cats, our passion for photography and lots of dreams for the future.


Me and my father, same age 30 years apart.
Me and Filippo the day we’ve meet in Venice.
Crazy day in Paris with Irene.


The first time I’ve climbed 1300 meters in one day.
Have you ever conducted the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? I did!
Amsterdam, one of my favorite European city.


Tired beyond words after my first 100 km in 8 hours on bike.
One holiday, 3 countries with my best friends.
Sledging: a new passion that has given me so many laughs and a broken leg.


Exploring the markets of Bangkok.
I wanted to bring home the orange robes of the monks, but the right thing to do was to offer it as a gift.
The usual photo to Peyto Lake, Canada.


I’m proud to be a member of the following associations:

TAU Visual – Associazione nazionale fotografi professionisti italiani

Documentary Family Photographers

Family Photojournalist Association