Family reportage photography documents your day to day stories. Stories born from everyday encounters, stories born from simple gestures, stories born from daily events. Your stories.

You might wonder why you would want to hire a photographer to capture these everyday moments when you can simply do it yourself.  The answer is simple, by taking the pictures yourself, you have become the storyteller, no longer part of the story.  Have a look back at the thousands of images you have taken and you are sure to notice that you are visibly missing from your family’s story. 

I’m the first to know this because when I go back to my parents’ home and we start looking through old photo albums, I realize  that my father is missing from most of them. Obviously he was behind the camera but the memory that emerges is that of an incomplete family. These pictures still invoke great memories but there is nothing to show the man he was, his smiles, his mustache, the loving glance he showed my mother. It is a huge void which will become even greater when he is gone.

The curious and expert eye of an observer, or a narrator if you like, is able to tell a more complete and true story of your family by documenting its characters and the relationships they build and develop every day. 

Let me be your narrator and tell your story in photos. The story of your family, the story of your life on any given day, a story to be remembered for generations to come.  A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories they invoke, those are priceless.

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